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Spray Tanning

OMG Premium Spray Tan Solution is lovingly developed using the world's highest grade, 100% Pure Ecocert Organic Certified DHA for a long lasting, flawless, streak free no-orange tan with smooth fade off just like a natual sun tan.


OMG Premium Spray Tan Solution gives your skin a rich olive tone whilst added Aloe Vera keeps yor skin beautifully soft and hydrated.


OMG contains a gorgeous bronze colour guide for instant tanning effect and to help see where you are spraying.


OMG is available in four DHA strengths to suit any skin type.


The solution strength is determined by the concentration of DHA and is expressed as a percentage. The higher the percentage the darker the tan.


6% DHA offers a gorgreous sunkissed tan for fair to medium skin tones. 6% DHA is beginner friendly and perfect for first time users.


9% DHA is designed for skin that tans easily and for those looking for a medium bronze tan.


12% DHA is designed for skin that tans very easily and is perfect for people with darker skin or for those looking for a mediterranean, just back from holiday tan.


14% DHA is our darkest solution and is perfect for dark skin or for creating the ultimate just back from a tropical holiday look.


OMG solutions are alcohol and paraben free and this product has not been tested on animals.


OMG is manufactured in the UK to very the highest standards.


OMG the choice of spray tan professionals.


For best results, please follow the below procedure's prior to your spray tan session:


Shave/wax at least 24 hours before tanning.

Exfoliate and shower the night before your spray tan.

DO NOT apply moisturiser on day of tanning.

DO NOT apply deodorant of perfume and remove all make-up prior to tanning.

Wear dark underwear and dark loose clothing - avoid lacy underwear!

Bring flip flops or loose shoes for after tanning.

Paint nails with clear or coloured nail varnish to prevent staining of nails.

After your session wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower or doing any kind of exercise that will induce sweating.

If you are getting a spray tan for an event it is best to do it 24-48 hours prior to the event.


Please Note:

• Spray Tanning is not suitable for people with respiratory problems or within the first 3 months of pregnancy.

• Any medical conditions must be disclosed prior to tanning as consent may be required from your GP.

• Conditions that prevent tanning treatment:

• Psoriasis

• Dermatitis

• Hypersensitive Skin

• Severe Eczema


Before your Spray Tan

For best results, please follow the below procedure's after your spray tan session

Immediately after your tan (within the first 8 hours)

Your spray tan will take 5 hours to fully develop its full colour strength. Therefore please follow these guidelines

Stay dry & do not apply anything to your skin (this includes make up, deodorant, perfume etc.) until you have showered approximately 8 hours after your tan.

Wear dark, loose fitting, clothing.

Avoid touching all tanned areas with your hands.

Traces of tanning solution can be transferred onto clothing & bed sheets, however, this can be easily removed in the wash.

Do not wear tight fitting garments as this may rub away some of the tan.

Do not shower, swim or exercise.

Do not sit on light coloured or leather fabrics as the tanning solution may cause discolouration.

After the first 8 hours

You may take a shower or bath. You will notice a residue in the water. This is the guide colour washing away, not your tan.

Pat yourself dry rather than rubbing yourself dry.


With regular moisturising, your tan should last from 5-7 days, depending on your skin type, skin colour and the extent of your normal bathing routines.

After the 4th day

To enhance & extend the life or your tan, then in addition to your daily moisturising, it is recommended that you fully exfoliate on the 4th/5th day with either a top up tan or applying a tan extender any time after.



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